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May 2008

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How often do you play the lottery?

A lot has happened this past weekend. My friends who read my journal know the situation at hand already. For the others who may check out my journal from time to time, Id rather not relive the ordeal that I had to go through. Instead I will share with you an analogy that I made up over the weekend. Here goes
Relationships are like playing the lottery. You buy a ticket knowing that more than likely youre not going to win. The odds are tremendously against you, but regardless you still buy the ticket. When the night comes and they draw the winning numbers, do you throw away the ticket because you just know you didnt win? No, you check your numbers hoping that the ticket you hold in your hands is the winning one. And, when they call the winning numbers and you see that you once again lost, do you vow to never again play the lottery? No, you accept the fact that you lost this time and next week you purchase another ticket hoping once again that this is itthe one.
When I meet someone, I know that the odds are against me, but thats okay. I can accept that it might not work outthats being realistic and cautious about the situation, but I dont piss it all away knowing that more than likely were going to break up.



Sorry about you losing the lottery. I lost 10 months ago on a ticket I had for 8 1/2 years. I quit playing for a few months but now I'm back in the game. I wish you luck. Somebody always wins :)

Oh no......

I use to play the lottery, but I was always the loser. I finally got a winning ticket, but it turned out to be invalid. However, I got a nice consolation prize, my daughter. Now, when I think about playing against the odds, I remember how much it hurt to lose, and take things very slowly and carefully. Sooner or later, when the time is right, I will play again. But right now, I think I will keep my dollar.
You I love you Cher!

It's ok to play the lottery - as long as you don't invest too much money - more tickets doesn't necessarily mean more of a chance to win.

pick your numbers carefully....and rely on your friends...



I think I want kellie to come with me when I buy my next ticket, cause she has herself a hot ticket right now. Maybe some of her luck wil pass on. TempleofDog