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May 2008

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Money & Men

July 22, 2001.
Money. Money is a big problem these days. Not enough of it. Its just money right? Thats what someone told me the other day. I said to myself, Yeah, youre a doctor. Easy for you to say. Can money buy happiness? I think that if you are a mentally stable person and everything else in your life is goodfriends, love, work, etcand the only thing that brings you down is the fact that you cant make ends meet, then the answer to that question is yes. This is my case. If I had more money, yes I would be happier. Granted, my life wouldnt be perfect, but it would be one less thing I would have to worry about. The lack of funds doesnt depress me to no end, but it does get me down around the 1st and the 15th of the month. Bill time. Blah. Okay, next subject

Men. Gosh, Im going to sound like such a girl now. I met someone nice. What next? Should I call him? Hmmmits been less than a day since he dropped me off home from an awesome 28 hours together, so the answer to that question is NO. Okay, got that down. Now, should I wait for him to call me within the next few days or maybe give him a call sometime around Tuesday? He knows that I have Tuesday nights free, so I was hoping maybe he would ask me to do something. The good thing is that I will see him next Sunday afternoon at a party, so Im thinking maybe I should just wait until then to say hi if he doesnt call me sooner. Yeah, thats what Ill do. Dammit. I have too much estrogen these days. Im starting to get soft. This is so unlike me. Im usually the one keeping two feet on the ground at all times. No frilly froo-froo. Thats my motto. Dont get too emotionally involved too soon, Cher--me protecting myself. Yeah right. To all my girlfriends who have been listening to me all these months: Cher talks a good talk, but when it comes down to it, Im not much different than any other chick. The only thing different with me is that I have a lot more will power when it comes to people of the opposite sex, and Im able to school myself into the right direction. But, Im not always successful. Sometimes I fall flat on my face and fail miserably. The situation at hand is one that Im not going to fuck up. Im not going to call. Ill see him next Sunday and thats that. It sucks that people have to play these games and that if I like someone, calling and telling him so will screw everything up. The thing is, if one doesnt play along then she can never win. So rules it is I guess. Ive taken up enough of your time with my emotional garb. I am now going to get a drink with a friend to try and keep my mind off these issues of money and men. Thanks for listening.